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Pickup Tonneau Covers Offer Great Advantages

Friday Dec 31, 2010

The word tonneau comes from the French language and in its antiquated version referred to open, rear passenger compartments of early automobiles. Literally meaning a barrel or cask, the contraption fixed on the frame at the rear end of vehicles did appear like a container. In modern usage the term means the pickup tonneau cover that may be hard or soft to go over the truck bed.

Pickup tonneau covers provide some neat benefits. They help organize storage for odds and ends that you haul over in your truck bed allowing you to keep a lid on the loose items. Besides it also safeguards them from adverse weather be it rain, snow or the sun. Importantly it covers all the stuff to stay out of sight warding off the threat of probable theft.
Tonneau covers for pickups are sleekly designed to come in several varieties like smooth leather grain patterns and customized color coordinated styles. There are hard and soft covers with the former opening by hinges or folding mechanisms. The soft covers open by rolling up. Tonneau covers are great for use by utility vehicles and truck owners for securely covering the pickup bed.

Coming in a range of styles, the most common kind is the roll up tonneau cover usually made of vinyl or even thick cloth that have ribbed structures holding up the material and keeping it taut. The snap-on system needs you to install snaps on vehicles that are either drilled or permanently fixed by adhesive. But this method may not be agreeable to fastidious owners who do not want the car body to be affected in anyway.

Pickup tonneau covers provide multiple advantages to truck owners wanting to protect the bed contents. You may ply the pickup uninterrupted be it hail, sleet or snow. With enhanced security tonneau covers discourage theft. For added security locking mechanisms are available too. They keep contents well organized allowing safe conveyance of articles. Tonneau covers also keep contents from hurling about or even blown out in case of high winds.

The retractable pickup tonneau cover is another great style that is mounted on the front and sides to retract from the tailgate. This kind of cover is typically made of vinyl, plastic or aluminum and may come with convenient storage in its attached canister at the front of the bed. Retractable tonneaus are really more convenient to use than vinyl roll up covers as they are not at all difficult to remove or assemble. Best of all retractable tonneau styles can also usually be locked.
A fiberglass or hard plastic pickup tonneau cover is pretty common too as by and large it offers the best appearance. They are solid in construction and are also painted to match the truck and they can be locked too. They are quite heavy and need gas struts to assist in opening and closing, operating just like car hood. Generally opening from tailgate ends of the pickup they may have multiple compartments. Fiberglass or hard plastic pickup tonneau covers may even come pre-installed in some new vehicles.

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Camper Shell Storage for Customized Cargo Spaces

Friday Dec 31, 2010

True the camper shell is a great accessory for the pickup in many an outdoor expedition. However owners must have experimented with it for using it for storage purposes also and found it to be a handy alternative. It is really convenient to set up the simple custom storage setup with the canopy installed in a garage or carport providing excellent storage facility.

The camper shell storage idea offers great versatility as it includes the topper and the bed to be coupled together creating a large space. The support structure spans across the sidewalls of the truck and around all over the floor in the truck bed. With the floor extension pivotally coupled to the rear edge this allows for additional floor surface area.
While a truck canopy primarily covers cargo you haul along when traveling, its surprising versatility comes to light when the vehicles becomes stationary after the traveling is over. Un-tethering it from its usual attachment from the truck you may remove it to have a durable cover as well that serves a variety of different purposes.

With its resilient and strong construction plus its weather resistant fabrication the camper shell affords invaluable storage facility as a great accessory when you are off road. Not that it does not do this when you are on the road, but you’d be surprised by its range of adaptability for storage purposes when stationary. Covering the pick-up bed entirely they create a large utility space that can be used for storage purposes.

Truck canopies offer really marvelous protection from the elements. They remain dry and provide shade when used as awnings on the side wall or even by the porch. Designed to be tough they provide sturdy protection from the elements to safeguard things below it. Another good use for the canopy is to use it as a tank cover for which they are ideally suited. Lightweight in substance they are resistant to the elements and do not weigh down under rain or snow.

Yes a camper shell can be adapted for use to suit your lifestyle. Many a retractable canopy is perfect with its customizable fiberglass and waterproof fabric to be used a convenient storage facility. You may not even need extra hands, or time, to use it as it can be managed individually in no time at all. Since the height of camper shells is the same as the top of the truck you do have a lot of space. But even if you need more room you could opt for the taller models that are out there.

Many truck canopies are great for the outdoors but they are also great for protecting your stuff from adverse weather conditions. Made of tough, resistant material on aluminum frame canopies are proving perfect for storage needs other than hauling and travel purposes. Many shells assembled as per specifications even have side access doors for greater convenience. So depending on your storage needs you may use the structure to store materials with complete prudence.

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